Download Love's Not Color Blind PDF

Love's Not Color Blind

Author :
Publisher : Thorntree Press LLC
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781944934477
Pages : 184 pages
Rating : 4.4/5 (344 downloads)

Download Love's Not Color Blind PDF Full Free by Kevin A. Patterson and published by Thorntree Press LLC. This book was released on 2018-03-30 with total page 184 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The issues that make monogamous dating daunting for people of color—shaming and exclusion by white partners, being fetishized, having realities of everyday racism ignored—occur in polyamorous relationships too, and trying "not to see race" only makes it worse. To make polyamorous communities inclusive, we must all acknowledge our part in perpetuating racism and listen to people of color. Love's Not Color Blind puts forward the framework—through research, anecdotal testimony, and analogy—for understanding, identifying, and confronting racism within polyamorous communities.

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An Intersectional Approach to Sex Therapy

Author :
Publisher : Routledge
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781000513547
Pages : 240 pages
Rating : 4.3/5 (135 downloads)

Download An Intersectional Approach to Sex Therapy PDF Full Free by Reece M. Malone and published by Routledge. This book was released on 2021-12-21 with total page 240 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: When a Black, Indigenous, or racialized individual or relationship works with a sex therapist, a host of cultural circumstances can contribute to intimacy discord and sexual dysfunction. This collection brings together clinicians and educators who share their approaches, bridging sex therapy with a client’s relationship to their racial, cultural, and ethnic identity. This essential book aims to enhance therapists’ supervisory practices and clinical treatments when working with culturally diverse and marginalized populations, fostering greater understanding and awareness. Innovative tools that integrate the impacts of acculturation, minority status, intersectionality, and minority stress are discussed, with case studies, demonstrations, and critical questions included. This collection is a necessary read for anyone who is training to be or who is an established sex therapist, marriage and family therapist, relationship counselor, or sexuality educator and consultant.

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A Color Blind Beauty

Author :
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781637642511
Pages : 282 pages
Rating : 4.2/5 (425 downloads)

Download A Color Blind Beauty PDF Full Free by The Families and published by Dorrance Publishing. This book was released on 2021-06-14 with total page 282 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: A Color Blind Beauty By: The Families What would be of humanity if she does not know flowers whilst love remains the answer to our living world of understanding? A Color Blind Beauty is a romance novel that profoundly speaks of why our difference should be our strength as it allows us a brilliant perception towards race, religion, gender equality, politics, and nationality. Mr. Wade was born to an Irish American mother and African father. His wellness signifies love above hate, and he is lucky to have found a colorblind beauty for a sweetheart. She works as an event organizer with the State Government of Illinois, where she hails from, while he starts as an unknown writer. It is the supreme power of love against all forms of challenge. Their love story will remind the world and her people about the importance of such unions. Take the journey and unfold the mystery of this wonderful novel.

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Whites Confront Racism

Author :
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 0742515826
Pages : 180 pages
Rating : 4.2/5 (425 downloads)

Download Whites Confront Racism PDF Full Free by Eileen O'Brien and published by Rowman & Littlefield. This book was released on 2001 with total page 180 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This book asserts the distinctive place that whites can take in the fight for racial justice, bringing together interviews with white antiracist activists from across North America. Avoiding the typical white options of being 'nonracist' or feeling guilty, these whites demonstrate the multitude of ways whites can be proactive in combating modern racism. These activists, of both genders and all ages, have arrived at their antiracist commitments through several different yet typical paths. These whites struggle to transform individuals, institutions, and themselves, to varying degrees, incurring risks as well as rewards along the way. Their affiliations with antiracist organizations, or lack thereof, play a crucial role in the differences among them and their approaches to antiracist work. The whites who are involved with antiracist groups come predominantly from either Anti-Racist Action or the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, and the contrast between these two groups woven throughout the analysis leads to the conclusion that there are different types of antiracism. Although unity among them may not be possible or even desirable, acceptance of a broader concept of racism by all antiracists is one of the ending suggestions for the future of antiracism.

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It Takes More than Love

Author :
Publisher : Moody Publishers
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9780802499820
Pages : 192 pages
Rating : 4.9/5 (998 downloads)

Download It Takes More than Love PDF Full Free by Brittany Salmon and published by Moody Publishers. This book was released on 2022-04-05 with total page 192 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Embrace the beauty and challenges of transracial adoption. Being an adoptive parent is hard enough. But when your family is multiracial, things get even trickier. Parenting transracially doesn’t come naturally, nor does it just happen with time. Love is essential—yet by itself, love isn’t enough. Cross-cultural parenting also takes intentionality, listening, learning, growing, repenting, changing . . . then starting all over and doing it again. It’s hard work! And yet, when an adoptive family honors the ethnic heritages of their children, the whole family—as well as the watching world—gets to see the beauty of a gloriously creative God. In It Takes More Than Love, Brittany Salmon shares her own family’s story of transracial adoption and offers a biblically-based guide for others following the same path. Brittany recognizes that we live in divided times and there are extra challenges whenever race is part of the conversation. But with wise insight and hard-won experience, she provides guidance about topics such as: Maintaining a Gospel perspective throughout the journey Celebrating your child’s history and heritage Confronting racism Responding to comments about your family Avoiding pitfalls in adoption Helping your kids feel represented in your home and community No one is promising transracial adoption will be easy—least of all Brittany! Yet the extra effort is balanced by a beauty that images our eternal destiny. Until the day God makes all things new, the welcoming an inclusive transracial family can help fulfill Jesus’s words, “on earth as it is in heaven.”

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Color Blind 101

Author :
Publisher : HowExpert
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781647580124
Pages : 79 pages
Rating : 4.0/5 (81 downloads)

Download Color Blind 101 PDF Full Free by HowExpert and published by HowExpert. This book was released on 2019-11-27 with total page 79 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Are you color blind? Do you struggle with everyday color decisions that affect your home, work, relationships, and self-esteem? Maybe it seems like no one else understands your plight…or perhaps you are ready to shirk this unfair disadvantage in life. I understand… This book is written for you- the color blind person who knows what it is like to be the only person who cannot identify a colorful number in a small circle. However, you are not alone. Not only do I endure this hardship, hundreds of millions of people worldwide live with our misunderstood, somewhat rare genetic condition. Although your situation may seem bleak if you are facing discrimination, disappointment, or displacement due to your condition, this book is written as a helpful guide and uplifting reminder that color blindness does not have the final say – you do! Do you feel like you have been living life without the playbook? Or perhaps you have not considered how your color blindness manifests in your life. Is there a friend, family member, neighbor, or teacher, who would benefit from understanding color blindness? This “How To” book addresses color blind individuals and everyone who crosses their paths with uplifting, quick, and entertaining tips to help navigate and comprehend the color blind life. With firsthand accounts and colloquial knowhow, I have written this book so anyone can understand the basics of color blindness – from how it is inherited to its effects on everyday life. Plus, the color blind individual or caretaker thereof, will appreciate the applicable tips, such as how to shop and cook for the color blind. How did I end up with a freezer full of “purpleberries?” Why didn’t my bridal shower outfit match? Is it okay that I ask my kids for fashion advice? If you can relate to these questions or I have piqued your curiosity, read and laugh along with me as we celebrate and commiserate with the wonderful world of the color blind. About the Expert With blue eyes and brown hair, your color blind author, Kimberly Springer, lives in the suburbs of Pittsburgh with her hazel-eyed husband, green-eyed oldest son, brown-eyed middle son, and blue-eyed little girl. Her tri-colored, purebred Basset Hound provides the perfect sidekick for calm days of writing, piano playing, and cooking. Despite her obvious inability to view every Fall color, Autumn remains Kim’s favorite season due to the smoky air from fires, sundry warm beverages, scratchy hayrides, and flavorful Thanksgiving feasts. On a more professional note, Kim hails from a diverse background of experience. You could describe her as quite the Philly Phanatic, born and raised just outside the city of brotherly love. Remaining loyal to her state, she attended The Pennsylvania State University in State College to study secondary education, specializing in English, communications, and journalism. As a Freshman, Kim wrote for the far-reaching Daily Collegian as a Senior reporter, followed by a stint as a Health and Wellness journalist. After serving as a community leader through school and church-appointed positions, Kim continued her travels west with an appointment to teach in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. There she met her husband of 10 years and graduated magna cum laude. Wielding both a teaching and marriage certificate, Kim entered the married and working world at a young age. As an educator, she has taught grades 7-12 in a variety of school-settings, including the acclaimed Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School in Midland, PA. Nowadays, she devotes her time to her family, home, church, piano students, and online writing. She believes in the power of everyday communication and education through online forums, community gatherings, and outreach activities to enhance the lives of all peoples. Be on the lookout for more items from Kim, as she hopes to continue to inform and entertain through the wonderful world of online literature.

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Sad Love

Author :
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781509539604
Pages : 200 pages
Rating : 4.9/5 (396 downloads)

Download Sad Love PDF Full Free by Carrie Jenkins and published by John Wiley & Sons. This book was released on 2022-05-16 with total page 200 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: As a woman with a husband and other partners, philosopher Carrie Jenkins knows that love is complicated. Love is most often associated with happiness, satisfaction and pleasure. But it has a darker side we ignore at our peril. Love is often an uncomfortable and difficult feeling. The people we love can let us down badly. And the ways we love are often quite different to the romantic ideals society foists upon us. Since we are inevitably disappointed by love, wouldn’t we be better off without it? No, says Carrie Jenkins. Instead, we need a new philosophy of love, one that recognizes that the pain and suffering love causes are a natural, even a good part of what makes love worthwhile. What Jenkins calls “sad love” offers no bogus “happy ever afters”. Rather, it tries to find a way properly to integrate heartbreak and disappointment into the lived experience of love. It’s time we liberated love.

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Queer Race

Author :
Publisher : Peter Lang
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 0820470880
Pages : 164 pages
Rating : 4.0/5 (24 downloads)

Download Queer Race PDF Full Free by Ian Barnard and published by Peter Lang. This book was released on 2004 with total page 164 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: One of the first extended and theoretically informed investigations of queer theory's racial inscription, Queer Race understands race as inextricably sexualized, as sexuality is always racially marked. The book critically and playfully explores intellectual and political deployments of the term «queer», gay pornographic videos about South Africa, contemporary literary representations of interracial gay desire, the writings of Gloria Anzaldúa, and Jeffrey Dahmer's criminal trial. Through these explorations, Queer Race charts a framework for understanding the «race» of queer theory that both tests queer theory's limits and suggests its future inter-relations with anti-racist work.

Download My Journal, Online Dating PDF

My Journal, Online Dating

Author :
Publisher : My Journal, Online Dating
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781424194551
Pages : 424 pages
Rating : 4.4/5 (945 downloads)

Download My Journal, Online Dating PDF Full Free by Virginia Burress and published by My Journal, Online Dating. This book was released on 2008-02 with total page 424 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: aLord, help me find my true love, a she prayed. Frances is a fifty-two-year-old, five-foot-three-and-a-half-inch-tall, African-American, plus-size woman. She had two sons, Galen, sixteen, and Talen, eleven. Life had been rough on them after her partner of eleven years left them. But through prayer she was able to retain their home and provide for her sons. She was now ready to have someone special in her life again. The answer came to her through a phone conversation with her sister Carolyn: online dating. She was skeptical at first but then decided to try it for a little while. So she broadened her horizons and leveled the playing field, giving all that would be interested a chance to woo/wow her. After six and a half months online, subscriptions running out, Raffael came into her life. This is her journey to Finding Love with Godas Help.

Download Mind's Eye PDF

Mind's Eye

Author :
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781499014235
Pages : 98 pages
Rating : 4.4/5 (142 downloads)

Download Mind's Eye PDF Full Free by Onaly A. Kapasi, MD and published by Xlibris Corporation. This book was released on 2014-06 with total page 98 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Poetry is his passion and a pressure-release-valve to the arduous and demanding work of his medical profession as an orthopedic surgeon. He jokingly states that he is invited more often to recite personal poems these days than give medical talks. He wishes that his readers share equal or greater joy reading his poems as he does with writing them.

Download Loving the Body PDF

Loving the Body

Author :
Publisher : Springer
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781403980342
Pages : 362 pages
Rating : 4.0/5 (83 downloads)

Download Loving the Body PDF Full Free by D. Hopkins and published by Springer. This book was released on 2004-12-09 with total page 362 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: In this book, contributors argue that the Black Church must begin to address the significance of sexuality if it is to actually present liberation as a mode of existence that fully appreciates the body. The contributors argue that we not only have to look at the Black Church in this discussion, but also explore black Christianity in general.

Download Contemporary Feminist Pragmatism PDF

Contemporary Feminist Pragmatism

Author :
Publisher : Routledge
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9780415899918
Pages : 294 pages
Rating : 4.9/5 (999 downloads)

Download Contemporary Feminist Pragmatism PDF Full Free by Maurice Hamington and published by Routledge. This book was released on 2012 with total page 294 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Contemporary Feminist Pragmatismis an interdisciplinary collection of original essays that explores the present implications of feminism and pragmatism for theory, policy, and action. The notion of "feminist pragmatism" or "pragmatist feminism" has been around since Charlene Haddock Seigfried introduced it two decades ago, however the bulk of the work in this field has been directed toward recovering the feminist strain of classical American philosophy, largely through renewed interest in the work of Jane Addams. This exploration of the origins of feminism and pragmatism has been fruitful in providing a foundation for theoretical considerations. This book takes this work a step further by addressing the modern significance of the nexus of feminism and pragmatism, arguing that these fields hold three common commitments and values: the importance of context and experience, the relationship of politics and values and the production of knowledge and metaphysics, and the need for diversity and thus dialogue among differently situated social groups.

Download The Anxious Person’s Guide to Non-Monogamy PDF

The Anxious Person’s Guide to Non-Monogamy

Author :
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781839972140
Pages : 224 pages
Rating : 4.2/5 (721 downloads)

Download The Anxious Person’s Guide to Non-Monogamy PDF Full Free by Lola Phoenix and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. This book was released on 2022-06-21 with total page 224 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Embarking on a non-monogamous relationship can be a daunting experience, opening old wounds that cause anxiety, fear and confusion, something Lola Phoenix knows about all too well. In this all-you-need-to-know guide to exploring non-monogamy, polyamory and open relationships, Lola draws upon their years of experience in giving advice and being non-monogamous to provide guidance for every stage of your journey, helping you to prioritise your mental health and well being along the way. Beginning with advice on starting out - such as finding your anchor, figuring out your personal reasons for pursuing non-monogamy, challenging your fears and practicing self-compassion - the book proceeds to cover the emotional aspects of non-monogamous relationships, including dealing with jealously and judgement, managing anxiety and maintaining independence, as well as practical elements such as scheduling your time, negotiating boundaries and managing your expectations, all accompanied with activities for further exploration. Whether you are new to non-monogamy, or have been non-monogamous for years, this insightful and empowering book will provide you with the emotional tools you will need to live a happy non-monogamous life.

Download A Whore's Manifesto PDF

A Whore's Manifesto

Author :
Publisher : Thorntree Press LLC
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781944934903
Pages : 104 pages
Rating : 4.4/5 (349 downloads)

Download A Whore's Manifesto PDF Full Free by Kay Kassirer and published by Thorntree Press LLC. This book was released on 2019-10-18 with total page 104 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Sex work was once thought to be anathema to women's liberation. Now, to some, we represent the tenacity of women's struggles under patriarchy and capitalism—that is, at least, the white, straight, cis, able-bodied sex workers who don't engage in actual sex with clients. These are the workers who get the glossy media profiles and get touted as feminist icons. But the red umbrella is wide and covers so many: escorts, sugar babies, strippers, session wrestlers, cam performers, fetish models, DIY queer porn stars, and the full range of gender, race, and ability. Our work and our identities are as vast and variable as the spectrum of sexuality itself. We do the work. In the streets, in the clubs, in hotel rooms, and in play party dungeons. We make dreams come true so we can afford a place to sleep. We do business in a marketplace that politicians and police are constantly burning down for our "own safety and dignity." We have high heels and higher anxiety. This isn't a collection of sob stories of heartbroken whores. This is a testament of life at ground zero of sexual discourse, the songs of canaries in the coal mines of sex, gender, class, race, and disability. We may dance on the table, but we still demand our seat at it. Sex workers of the world unite. This is A Whore's Manifesto.

Download Life, Love, Laughter PDF

Life, Love, Laughter

Author :
Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 1429935251
Pages : 192 pages
Rating : 4.9/5 (299 downloads)

Download Life, Love, Laughter PDF Full Free by Osho and published by St. Martin's Griffin. This book was released on 2009-06-09 with total page 192 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: In Life, Love, Laughter: Celebrating Your Existence, one of the twentieth century’s greatest spiritual teachers shares how humor and wisdom strengthens our lives. In this collection of reflections, Osho’s encouraging and loving stories go far beyond the usual chicken-soup fare. Life, Love, Laughter establishes a new genre of introspective text stripped of all platitudes and clichés, and absolutely in tune with the realities of the twenty-first century. In this artful work, Osho mixes entertainment and inspiration, ancient Zen stories and contemporary jokes to help us to find love, laughter, and ultimately, happiness. Featuring an original talk by Osho on DVD, you’ll experience his direct insight and wit straight from the source. Osho challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to enjoy life in all its richness. He has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the “1000 Makers of the 20th Century” and by Sunday Mid-Day (India) as one of the ten people—along with Gandhi, Nehru, and Buddha—who have changed the destiny of India. Since his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to expand, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.

Download Introducing the New Sexuality Studies PDF

Introducing the New Sexuality Studies

Author :
Publisher : Routledge
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9781000579185
Pages : 820 pages
Rating : 4.9/5 (791 downloads)

Download Introducing the New Sexuality Studies PDF Full Free by Nancy L. Fischer and published by Routledge. This book was released on 2022-06-07 with total page 820 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Introducing the New Sexuality Studies: Original Essays is an innovative, reader-friendly collection of essays that introduces the field of sexuality studies to undergraduate students. Examining the social, cultural, and historical dimensions of sexuality, this collection is designed to serve as a comprehensive yet accessible textbook for sexuality courses at the undergraduate level. The fourth edition adds 51 new essays whilst retaining 33 of the most popular essays from previous editions. It features perspectives that are intersectional, transnational, sex positive, and attentive to historically marginalized groups along multiple axes of inequality, including gender, race, class, ability, body size, religious identity, age, and, of course, sexuality. Essays explore how a wide variety of social institutions, including medicine, religion, the state, and education, shape sexual desires, behaviors, and identities. Sources of, and empirical research on, oppression are discussed, along with modes of resistance, activism, and policy change. The fourth edition also adds new user-friendly features for students and instructors. Keywords are italicized and defined, and each chapter concludes with review questions to help students ascertain their comprehension of key points. There is also an online annotated table of contents to help readers identify key ideas and concepts at a glance for each chapter.

Download Talking about Race PDF

Talking about Race

Author :
Publisher : Zondervan
Release Date :
ISBN 10 : 9780310124436
Pages : 240 pages
Rating : 4.4/5 (244 downloads)

Download Talking about Race PDF Full Free by Isaac Adams and published by Zondervan. This book was released on 2022-01-04 with total page 240 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Conversations about racism are as important as they are hard for American Christians. Yet the conversation often gets so ugly, even among the faithful who claim unity in Jesus. Why is that the case? Why does it matter? Can things get better, or are we permanently divided? In this honest and hopeful book, pastor Isaac Adams doesn't just show you how to have the race conversation, he begins it for you. By offering a fictional, racially charged tragedy in order to understand varying perspectives and responses, he examines what is at stake if we ignore this conversation, and why there's just as much at stake in how we have that discussion, especially across color lines--that is, with people of another ethnicity. This unique approach offers insight into how to listen to one another well and seek unity in Christ. Looking to God's Word, Christians can find wisdom to speak gracefully and truthfully about racism for the glory of God, the good of their neighbors, and the building up of the church. Some feel that the time for talking is over, and that we've heard all this before. But given how polarized American society is becoming--its churches not exempt--fresh attention on the dysfunctional communication between ethnicities is more than warranted. Adams offers an invitation to faithfully combat the racism so many of us say we hate and maintain the unity so many of us say we want. Together we can learn to speak in such a way that we show a divided world a different world. Talking About Race points to the starting line, not the finish line, when it comes to following Jesus amid race relations. It’s high time to begin running.